AA 1996—service of notices and other documents
AA 1996—service of notices and other documents

The following Arbitration guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • AA 1996—service of notices and other documents
  • Service of notices and other documents
  • Where service is not reasonably practicable
  • Service by email

This Practice Note sets out the rules on serving notices and other documents during arbitration proceedings pursuant to sections 76–77 of the Arbitration Act 1996 (AA 1996). It should be read in conjunction with the guidance on commencing arbitration proceedings pursuant to the AA 1996—see, for example, Practice Note: AA 1996—starting an arbitration.

The approach to service taken pursuant to AA 1996 is flexible and should ensure that there is always a method by which service can be effected, except in the exceptional circumstances discussed below.

The parties are also free to agree on how service is to be effected in their arbitration and the court has no power to interfere with such agreement (AA 1996, s 76, which is a non-mandatory provision of the Act).

Service of notices and other documents

Note: this section does not apply to the service of documents for the purposes of legal proceedings (ie service of an arbitration claim form or other application in arbitration-related court proceedings), which are subject to the rules as set out in the CPR (AA 1996, s 76(5)). For guidance on service in that context, see Practice Note: AA 1996—service of arbitration claims within, and out of, the jurisdiction.

AA 1996, s 76 relates to service of notices and documents within th