A-Z of cyber threats
A-Z of cyber threats

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  • A-Z of cyber threats

A-Z of cyber threats

This Practice Note is intended as a quick guide which outlines the main cyber threats commercial organisations face, and identifies some top tips for firms in defending themselves. It should be read in conjunction with Practice Note: Cybercrime prevention and incident management and the Cybersecurity and cybercrime—overview generally.

ThreatWhat is it?Best defence/top tips
BotnetCollection of infected computers remotely controlled by a hacker.
The hacker can share or sell access to the computers to other cyber criminals to be used to distribute spam or overload a system.
See Malware and Hacking.
Chain lettersAn email that encourages the user to forward copies to other people.
No security threat but time-wasting and can slow down mail servers.
Have a policy which ensures users know not to forward chain letters or hoaxes—see Precedent: Cybercrime prevention strategy and incident management plan.
Stay informed about chain letters and hoaxes.
Commercial identity theftBogus organisations are essentially commercial identity theft.
They present a significant risk to the interests of consumers and your reputation if you become associated with one, eg because it uses your name.
Can pose risks to your clients/customers too who may be tricked into sharing information or paying over money.
Often, the perpetrators use data from actual organisations themselves to make their activities look more genuine.
Do not give over too much information about your organisation and its activities.
Monitor mentions
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