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What does Member mean?

For companies, the term 'member' might used interchangeably with shareholder although a company limited by guarantee without a share capital has members which cannot accurately also be referred to as shareholders. May also refer to the individuals joining together to form an unincorporated association or a limited liability partnership.

Local Government

A person who has been elected by the local government electors for that area to stand as their councillor.
To qualify to serve as a councillor, a person must meet a number of requirements regarding age, residence and citizenship as set out in the Local Government Act 1972 (LGA 1972), s 79. Certain people are disqualified from being a local authority member, under LGA 1972, s 80. Members are elected for a four-year term unless they are elected at a by-election, in which case they must stand again at the next election.


An individual who is either an active member, a pensioner member, a deferred member or a pension credit member of a pension scheme. (HMRC)

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