(a) Definition of 'working time'

Division CI Working Time
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(a) Definition of 'working time'

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(2)     'Working time'

(a)     Definition of 'working time'

Working time is defined by WTR SI 1998/1833 reg 2(1) to cover:

''(a)     any period during which [the worker] is working, at his employer's disposal and carrying out his activity or duties,

(b)     any period during which he is receiving relevant training, and

(c)     any additional period which is to be treated as working time for the purpose of these Regulations under a relevant agreement.''

The first paragraph of this definition is copied verbatim from the WTD. It will be noted that a relevant agreement (see para [77] below for the meaning of this) can add to but not limit the basic definition of working time. In Ville de Nivelles v Matzak:

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