615. Excepted offices and employments.

None of the statutory protections for rehabilitated persons1 relating to the asking and answering of questions concerning past convictions or spent cautions2 apply in relation to any question asked by or on behalf of any person, in the course of duties of his office or employment, in order to assess the suitability of the person to whom the question relates for a number of specified offices and employments, and none of the statutory protections relating to the non-disclosure of spent convictions or spent cautions in an employment context3 apply in relation to specified offices and employments4. The offices and employments are:

'(1)     judicial appointments5;

(2)     the Director of Public Prosecutions and any office or employment in the Crown Prosecution Service6;

(3)     designated officers for magistrates' courts, for justices of the peace or for local justice areas, justices' legal advisers7;

(4)     persons employed for the purpose of, or to assist the constable of, a police force established under any