922. Warrants to search for and remove patients.

(17)     Place of Safety Powers

922.     Warrants to search for and remove patients.

If it appears to a justice of the peace1, on information2 on oath laid by an approved mental health professional3, that there is reasonable cause to suspect that a person believed to be suffering from mental disorder4 has been or is being ill-treated, neglected5 or kept otherwise than under proper control6, in any place within the jurisdiction of the justice7, or, being unable to care for himself, is living alone in any such place, the justice may issue a warrant8 authorising any constable9 to enter, if need be by force, any premises specified in the warrant in which that person is believed to be and, if thought fit, to remove him to a place of safety10 with a view to the making of an application for his compulsory admission to hospital and guardianship11 or other arrangements12 for his treatment or