1265. Retention or resumption of land required for public purposes.

Where the landlord1 of any property is one of the following:

(1)     any local authority2;

(2)     the Broads Authority3;

(3)     any National Park authority4;

(4)     the new towns residuary body5 or any development corporation6;

(5)     any university body7;

(6)     any specified health service body8;

(7)     any body corporate established by or under any enactment for the purpose of carrying on under national ownership any industry or part of an industry or undertaking;

(8)     the Environment Agency9;

(9)     any body not included in heads (1) to (8) above which is a harbour authority10 but in respect only of the body's functions as harbour authority;

(10)     a housing action trust11,

and a