905. Grounds on which landlord may refuse request to transfer tenancy in England.

A landlord1 may only refuse to comply with a request for a tenancy transfer2 on one or more of the following grounds3:


    (1)     that any rent lawfully due from a tenant4 under one of the existing tenancies5 has not been paid6;


    (2)     that an obligation under one of the existing tenancies has been broken or not performed7;


    (3)     that any of the relevant tenants8 is subject to an order of the court for possession of the dwelling house9 let10 on that tenant's existing tenancy11;


    (4)     that either of the following conditions is met12:


      (a)     that proceedings have begun for possession of a dwelling house let on an existing tenancy which is a secure tenancy13, and that possession is sought on one or more grounds under the Housing Act 198514 on which possession may be ordered despite the absence of suitable accommodation15; or


      (b)     that a notice of proceedings for possession