869. Applications under custodial schemes on termination of tenancies where the landlord or tenant is absent or unco-operative.

The provision made by a custodial scheme1 in relation to the treatment of the relevant amount2 at the end of a tenancy3 must include provision for enabling the landlord4, if he considers that the conditions set out in heads (1) to (4) below are met, to apply to the scheme administrator5 for the whole or a specified part of the relevant amount ('the amount claimed') to be paid to him6, and for such an application to be dealt with by the scheme administrator accordingly7. Such an application may be made if:


    (1)     at least 14 days have elapsed since the day on which the tenancy ended8;


    (2)     the landlord and tenant9 have not reached an agreement10 with respect to the amount claimed11;


    (3)     either the landlord has no current address for, or other means of contacting, the tenant12, or the tenant has, since the tenancy ended, receive