561. Health and safety enforcement in regard to REACH.

Subject to specified exceptions1, where a local (health and safety) authority2 and the Health and Safety Executive3 are jointly under an enforcement duty4, whether or not any other enforcing authority5 is also under an enforcement duty in respect of the same listed REACH provision6 a local (health and safety) authority must perform the joint enforcement duty on behalf of the Executive where the main activity carried on in non-domestic premises is as follows7:


    (1)     the sale of goods8, or the storage of goods for retail or wholesale distribution, except: (a) at container depots where the main activity is the storage of goods in the course of transit to or from dock premises9, an airport or a railway; (b) where the main activity is the sale or storage for wholesale distribution of any hazardous substance or mixture10; (c) where the main activity is the sale or storage of water or sewage or their by-products or natural or town gas11;


    (2)     the