545. Enforcement in regard to lifts and safety components for lifts.

In Great Britain1 in relation to lifts2 for use in the workplace or safety components for such lifts3, the Health and Safety Executive4 is the market surveillance authority5. The market surveillance authority must enforce the Lifts Regulations 20166, and RAMS7 in its application to lifts and safety components for lifts, or ensure that they are enforced8. Where the enforcing authority is not also the market surveillance authority, the enforcing authority must notify the market surveillance authority of the proposed action9. When enforcing the      Lifts Regulations 2016, the enforcing authority must exercise its powers in a manner which is consistent with specified provisions of the regulations10.

Where the market surveillance authority has sufficient reason to believe that a lift or safety component for lifts presents a risk11, the market surveillance authority must carry out an evaluation in relation to the lift or the safety component for lifts covering the relevant requirements of Part 2