737. Duties in prevention of unplanned or uncontrolled fire and unplanned explosion and in emergency response.

The duty holder1 must take appropriate measures with a view to protecting persons on the installation2 from unplanned or uncontrolled fire3 and unplanned explosion4 and securing effective emergency response5.

He must perform, and thereafter repeat as often as may be appropriate a process (an 'assessment') in relation to the installation which must consist of:


    (1)     the identification of the various events which could give rise to a major accident6 involving unplanned or uncontrolled fire or unplanned explosion or the need (whether or not by reason of such fire or explosion) for evacuation, escape or rescue to avoid or minimise a major accident;


    (2)     the evaluation of the likelihood and consequences of such events;


    (3)     the establishment of appropriate standards of performance to be attained by anything provided by measures for ensuring effective evacuation, escape, recovery and rescue to avoid or minimise a major accident and other