365. Dangerous occurrences; in general.

365.     Dangerous occurrences; in general.

A 'dangerous occurrence' is an occurrence which arises out of or in connection with work1 and is of a specified class2.

The following are dangerous occurrences:


    (1)     the collapse, overturning or failure of any load-bearing part of any lifting equipment, other than an accessory for lifting3;


    (2)     the failure of any closed vessel or of any associated pipework (other than a pipeline)4 forming part of a pressure system5, where that failure could cause the death of any person6;


    (3)     any plant or equipment unintentionally coming into: (a) contact with an uninsulated overhead electric line in which the voltage exceeds 200 volts; or (b) close proximity with such an electric line, such that it causes an electrical discharge7;


    (4)     any explosion or fire caused by an electrical short circuit or overload (including those resulting from