9. Subject matter of building regulations.

9.     Subject matter of building regulations.

Building regulations1 may provide for particular requirements of the regulations to be deemed to be complied with where prescribed2 methods of construction3, prescribed types of materials or other prescribed means are used in or in connection with buildings4. Building regulations may be framed to any extent by reference to a document published by or on behalf of the appropriate national authority5 or another person or a body, or by reference to the approval or satisfaction of a prescribed person or body6.

Building regulations may include provision as to the giving of notices7, the deposit of plans8 of proposed work or work already executed (including provision as to the number of copies to be deposited)9, the retention by local authorities10 of copies of plans deposited with them in accordance with the regulations11, the inspection and testing of work12, and the taking of samples13. Building regulations may provide for requiring local authorities and approved inspectors14 in prescribed circumstances to consult a prescribed person before taking a prescribed step in connection with any work or other matter to which building regulations are applicable15. Building regulations may:


    (1)     authorise local authorities to accept, as evidence that the requirements of building regulations as to matters of a prescribed description are or would be satisfied, certificates16 to that effect by persons of a class or description prescribed in relation to those matters or by a person nominated in writing by the appropriate national authority in a particular case17;