753. Rules and regulations.

As regards individual insolvency proceedings the practice is, for the most part, regulated by the Insolvency (England and Wales) Rules 20161 which were made under statutory power2.

The provisions capable of inclusion in individual insolvency rules are:


    (1)     provision with respect to the arrangement and disposition of the business under the provisions of the Insolvency Act 1986 relating to the insolvency of individuals and bankruptcy3of courts having jurisdiction, including provision for the allocation of proceedings to particular courts and for the transfer of such proceedings from one court to another4;


    (2)     provision for enabling an Insolvency and Companies Court Judge to exercise such of the jurisdiction conferred for those purposes on the High Court as may be prescribed5;


    (3)     provision for regulating the practice and procedure of any court exercising jurisdiction for those purposes, being any provision that could be made by rules of court6;


    (4)     provision conferring rights of audience, in courts exercising jurisdiction for those purposes, on the official receiver and on solicitors7;


    (5)     provision for regulating the practice and procedure of adjudicators in the discharge of bankruptcy functions8;


    (6)     provision about the form and content of a bankruptcy application (including an application for a review of an adjudicator's determination)9;


    (7)     provision about the making and determining of appeals to the court against a determination by an adjudicator, including provision enabling the court to make a bankruptcy order on such an appeal, and about where such appeals lie10;