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180.5 Exceptions

| Commentary

180.5 Exceptions

The right to be identified as the author or director of a particular work is subject to the following exceptions and does not apply to the following descriptions of work:

  1. 180.5.1

        computer programs1;

  2. 180.5.2

        typeface designs2;

  3. 180.5.3

        computer-generated works3;

  4. 180.5.4

        any work made for the purpose of reporting current events4;

  5. 180.5.5

        literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works published in a newspaper, magazine or similar periodical, encyclopaedia, dictionary, yearbook or other collective book of reference made for the purposes of such publication or made available with the consent of the author for the purposes of such publication5;

  6. 180.5.6

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