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17 Artistic works

| Commentary

17 Artistic works

‘Artistic work’ is defined in the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 as:

  1. 17.1

        a graphic work, photograph, sculpture or collage, irrespective of artistic quality1;

  2. 17.2

        a work of architecture being a building or a model for a building2; or

  3. 17.3

        a work of artistic craftsmanship3.

A number of the expressions used in defining ‘artistic work’ are then further defined. Thus:

  1. 17.4

        ‘building’ includes any fixed structure, and a part of a building or fixed structure4;

  2. 17.5

        ‘graphic work’ includes:

    1. 17.5.1

          any painting, drawing, diagram, map, chart or plan5, and

    2. 17.5.2

          any engraving, etching, lithograph, woodcut or similar

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