| Commentary

244 Public interest exemption

| Commentary

244 Public interest exemption

Information falls into the public interest exemption category if its disclosure would, or would be likely to, prejudice1:

  1. 244.1

        national defence or the capability, effectiveness or security of the armed forces;

  2. 244.2

        international relations;

  3. 244.3

        relations between the government of the United Kingdom and the newly devolved parliaments/assemblies;

  4. 244.4

        the economic interests of the United Kingdom;

  5. 244.5

        law enforcement;

  6. 244.6

        the exercise of any audit functions of the public authority;

  7. 244.7

        the effective conduct of public affairs;

  8. 244.8

        the physical or mental health or safety of any individual; or

  9. 244.9

        the commercial interests of any person

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