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200 Unconditional exceptions

| Commentary

200 Unconditional exceptions

The rules prohibiting the giving of financial assistance do not apply to the following transactions1:

  1. 200.1

        a distribution of assets by way of dividend lawfully made or in the course of winding up;

  2. 200.2

        the allotment of bonus shares;

  3. 200.3

        a reduction of capital under the Companies Act 2006 Part 17 Chapter 10 (Sections 641–653);

  4. 200.4

        a redemption of shares under the Companies Act 2006 Part 18 Chapter 3 (Sections 684–689) or purchase of shares under Part 18 Chapter 4 (Sections 690–708);

  5. 200.5

        anything done in pursuance of a court order under the Companies Act

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