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91 Operative provisions

| Commentary

91 Operative provisions

  1. 91.1

        Is there operative wording in the deed:

    1. 91.1.1

          stating that the parties are willing to carry out something; or

    2. 91.1.2

          stating that they are carrying out something1?

  2. 91.2

        Is the purpose of the deed clearly stated, eg:

    1. 91.2.1

          that property is being assigned or transferred?

    2. 91.2.2

          that a covenant is being entered into?

  3. 91.3

        Depending on the formality or importance of the transaction, are ‘traditional’ or standard forms of wording being used2?

  4. 91.4

        Are any covenants (implied or otherwise) to be included or excluded?

  5. 91.5

        If there are covenants:

    1. 91.5.1


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