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70 Announcements

| Commentary

70 Announcements1

  1. 70.1

        Is there a provision preventing one or all of the parties from:

    1. 70.1.1

          releasing information concerning the agreement, the parties, etc to third parties?

    2. 70.1.2

          providing press releases?

  2. 70.2

        If an announcement is required to be made or a party wishes to do so:

    1. 70.2.1

          Is there a procedure for deciding what information can be released?

    2. 70.2.2

          Who should make the announcement?

    3. 70.2.3

          Is the consent or agreement of a party required?

    4. 70.2.4

          Should standard wording be agreed for particular announcements before the agreement is signed (and attached as a schedule to the contract)?

    5. 70.2.5

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