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62 Entire agreement

| Commentary

62 Entire agreement1

Is there a provision indicating:

  1. 62.1

        that the written agreement is what has been finally agreed between the parties and that:

    1. 62.1.1

          what has been discussed up to the point of signature of the agreement,

    2. 62.1.2

          any documents seen or provided by the parties (eg sales brochures, draft specifications),

    3. 62.1.3

          any documents provided or supplied or written,

    4. 62.1.4

          oral agreements,

    5. 62.1.5

          any representations, and

    6. 62.1.6


    are superseded by the final and signed version of the agreement?

  2. 62.2

        that the parties have not entered into the agreement based on representations that are not included in

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