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57 Liability

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57 Liability1

  1. 57.1

        Is there a provision that states that liability is not excluded:

    1. 57.1.1

          for death or personal injury?

    2. 57.1.2

          for fraud?

    3. 57.1.3

          where it cannot be excluded under applicable laws?

  2. 57.2

        Is there a financial limit for liability that the supplier is prepared to accept for a breach by the supplier of the agreement, and if so:

    1. 57.2.1

          at what level should it be set?

    2. 57.2.2

          should it be set at a level:

      1. (a)

            equivalent or related to the amount of insurance cover the supplier has?

      2. (b)

            related to the amount of damage that might be caused?

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