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53 Intellectual property

| Commentary

53 Intellectual property1


  1. 53.1

        Is the agreement concerned primarily with the generation of intellectual property? If so, consideration should be given to including substantive provisions concerning:

    1. 53.1.1

          the use of existing intellectual property;

    2. 53.1.2

          intellectual property created under the agreement;

    3. 53.1.3

          ownership of the existing and the generated intellectual property; and

    4. 53.1.4

          its use by all the parties during and after the end of the agreement.

  2. 53.2

        Does the agreement concern the use of:

    1. 53.2.1


    2. 53.2.2

          data held in a structured or organised way?

    3. 53.2.3


    4. 53.2.4

          written, audio, graphical, visual, recorded or designed material?

  3. 53.3

        If the

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