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49 Price and payment

| Commentary

49 Price and payment1


  1. 49.1

        Has the price for the goods or services been stated?

  2. 49.2

        Is the timing of payments and the method of payment specified, eg:

    1. 49.2.1

          the timing of invoices?

    2. 49.2.2

          the date when invoices need to be paid?

  3. 49.3

        If there is to be more than one payment, or if the price requires calculation, then are there provisions in the agreement (or elsewhere) to enable the calculation to be made (such as in a schedule)?

  4. 49.4

        Are the particulars of the price or payment method set out? Do these include:

    1. 49.4.1

          price lists?

    2. 49.4.2


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