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48 Delivery

| Commentary

48 Delivery


  1. 48.1

        Are the conditions for delivery clearly defined, so that:

    1. 48.1.1

          if possible at the time the agreement is signed, the delivery date(s) and time(s) are specified?

    2. 48.1.2

          what is to be delivered is specified?

    3. 48.1.3

          the place of delivery is specified?

    4. 48.1.4

          if it is not possible for the above points to be specified at the time agreed, is there a clear mechanism and sufficient information present elsewhere for them to be determined?

  2. 48.2

        What level of effort must the supplier use to meet any delivery date and/or time1?

  3. 48.3

        Is there consideration of all the

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