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27 Practicalities

| Commentary

27 Practicalities

  1. 27.1

        Are all the parties to the contract named as parties in the document?

  2. 27.2

        Are all the persons who are identified as a having an obligation under the contract named as such in the document?

  3. 27.3

        Are the parties properly and fully described? Ie are the following stated:

    1. 27.3.1

          their full legal name;

    2. 27.3.2

          their legal status (if it is not clear from the name, then the legal status should be stated);

    3. 27.3.3

          if incorporated, their place of incorporation and any registered or official number;

    4. 27.3.4

          their correct address (for notices, etc): registered offices or principal

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