16 What may constitute ‘signature’

| Commentary

16 What may constitute ‘signature’

| Commentary

16 What may constitute ‘signature’

When a signature is to be applied to a contract the following points are the main factor as to what constitutes a signature:

  1. 16.1

        Virtually any method of applying a signature, whether:

    1. 16.1.1

          manual (handwriting whether pen or pencil);

    2. 16.1.2

          mechanical (stamp, typewriter, printing); or

    3. 16.1.3

          electronic (facsimile, word processing, email),

    can amount to a valid signature.

  2. 16.2

        The actual words or characters used, such as:

    1. 16.2.1

          a full name;

    2. 16.2.2

          part of a name;

    3. 16.2.3

          a mark;

    4. 16.2.4

          a contraction of a name; or

    5. 16.2.5

          a form of words to identify a party (eg ‘Seller’),


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