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133.2 Qualifying investments

| Commentary

133.2 Qualifying investments

Qualifying investments are defined as1:

  1. 133.2.1

        shares or securities which are listed on a recognised stock exchange or dealt in on any designated market in the United Kingdom;

  2. 133.2.2

        units in an authorised unit trust;

  3. 133.2.3

        shares in an open-ended investment company;

  4. 133.2.4

        an interest in an offshore fund; and

  5. 133.2.5

        a qualifying interest in land.

HM Revenue and Customs has made orders to designate the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) and PLUS-Quoted market as designated markets in the United Kingdom2.

The gift to charity attracts the normal no gain/no loss treatment for capital gains and corporation tax purposes and

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