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150.7 Enforcement and penalties

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150.6 The Schedule 1 prohibitions

The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 Schedule 11 contains a list of 31 practices which are prohibited in all circumstances. The list is as follows:

  1. 150.6.1

        claiming to be a signatory to a code of conduct when the trader is not;

  2. 150.6.2

        displaying a trust mark, quality mark or equivalent without having obtained the necessary authorization;

  3. 150.6.3

        claiming that a code of conduct has an endorsement from a public or other body which it does not have;

  4. 150.6.4

        claiming that a trader (including his commercial practices) or a product has been approved, endorsed or authorised by a public or private body when the trader, the commercial practices or the product have not or making such a claim without complying with the terms of the approval, endorsement or authorisation;

  5. 150.6.5

        bait advertising, that is, making an invitation to purchase products at a specified price without disclosing the existence of any reasonable grounds the trader may have for believing that he will not be able to offer for supply, or to procure another trader to supply, those products or equivalent products at that price

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