64.2 Drafting points—reporting clause

| Commentary

64.2 Drafting points—reporting clause

| Commentary

64.2 Drafting points—reporting clause

When drafting a reporting clause, the contract drafter should consider the following matters.

  1. (a)

        How detailed should a clause dealing with the provision of a report be?

    1. (i)

          Should there be a general statement that reports will be provided as and when required?

      For example, in a routine consultancy agreement, where a limited amount of advice or assistance is being provided, it may only be necessary to provide a short note or report; a general statement may be sufficient.

    2. (ii)

          Should the clause specify types of information that need to be included in the report(s)?

      For example, where an agent is appointed to sell a product, the principal will wish to know how well the agent is doing, such as the amount of sales, who the agent is

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