5.2 Personal chattels

BILLS OF SALE vol 4(1)
| Commentary

5.2 Personal chattels

| Commentary

5.2 Personal chattels

Personal chattels comprise, for the purposes of the Act, goods, furniture and other articles capable of complete transfer by delivery1 and, when separately assigned or charged, fixtures and growing crops2. The expression does not include:

  1. 5.2.1

        chattel interests in real estate,

  2. 5.2.2

        fixtures (except trade machinery)3 not separately assigned,

  3. 5.2.3

        growing crops not separately assigned,

  4. 5.2.4

        shares or interests in government stock, funds or securities, or in the capital or property of incorporated or joint stock companies,

  5. 5.2.5

        choses in action4, and

  6. 5.2.6

        stock or produce upon any farm or lands which by virtue of any covenant

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