25.2 Personal chattels

BILLS OF SALE vol 4(1)
| Commentary

25.2 Personal chattels

| Commentary

25.2 Personal chattels

A security bill is void as regards the personal chattels comprised in it if:

  1. 25.2.1

        it is not duly attested, or

  2. 25.2.2

        it is not duly registered, or

  3. 25.2.3

        it does not truly set forth the consideration for which it is given1, or

  4. 25.2.4

        it is given subject to a defeasance, condition or declaration of trust not registered as part of the bill2, or

  5. 25.2.5

        its registration is not renewed before the expiry of five years from the last registration or renewal3, or

  6. 25.2.6

        it is executed within or on the expiry of seven days after the

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