| Commentary

78.2 General contents

| Commentary

78.2 General contents

The statutory demand must include1:

  1. 78.2.1

        the heading either ‘Statutory demand under Section 268(1) (debt payable immediately) of the Insolvency Act 1986’ or ‘Statutory demand under Section 268(2) (debt not immediately payable)’;

  2. 78.2.2

        identification details for the debtor2;

  3. 78.2.3

        the name and address of the creditor;

  4. 78.2.4

        a statement of the amount of the debt, and the consideration for it (or, if there is no consideration, the way in which it arises);

  5. 78.2.5

        if the demand is made under Section 268(1) and founded on a judgment or order of a court, the date of the judgment or

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