| Commentary

319.2 Documents

| Commentary

319.2 Documents

The moratorium comes into force when the following documents are filed or lodged at court1:

  1. 319.2.1

        the proposal2;

  2. 319.2.2

        a statement of the partnership’s affairs3;

  3. 319.2.3

        a statement that the partnership is eligible for a moratorium;

  4. 319.2.4

        a statement from the nominee that he has given his consent to act; and

  5. 319.2.5

        a statement from the nominee that, in his opinion:

    1. (a)

          the proposed voluntary arrangement has a reasonable prospect of being approved and implemented;

    2. (b)

          the partnership is likely to have sufficient funds available to it during the proposed moratorium to enable it to carry on its

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