201 Unlawful interference

| Commentary

201 Unlawful interference

| Commentary

201 Unlawful interference

The Highways Act 1980 prohibits unlawful interference with highways1. The following are problems which may be encountered particularly in the countryside and are prohibited:

  1. 201.1

        removal of soil or turf except with the purpose of improving the highway and with the consent of the Highway Authority2;

  2. 201.2

        depositing anything whatsoever on the highway so as to damage the highway3;

  3. 201.3

        pulling down or obliterating a traffic sign, milepost or direction post without lawful excuse4;

  4. 201.4

        disturbing the surface so as to render the highway inconvenient for the exercise of public rights of way5;

  5. 201.5

        affixing unauthorised marks

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