228 The short-term improvements

| Commentary

228 The short-term improvements

| Commentary

(d) Short-term improvements

228 The short-term improvements

The short-term improvements for which no consent is required1 comprise:

  1. 228.1

        mole drainage and works carried out to secure its efficient functioning2;

  2. 228.2

        protection of fruit trees against animals3;

  3. 228.3

        clay burning4;

  4. 228.4

        liming (including chalking) of land5;

  5. 228.5

        application to land of purchased manure and fertiliser, whether organic or inorganic6;

  6. 228.6

        consumption on the holding of corn (whether produced on the holding or not) or of cake or other feeding stuff not produced on the holding by horses, cattle, sheep,

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