Find out what's happening in the world of legal tech and what it means for you as a future legal practitioner

Legal tech is here to stay and there is no finishing line. As Professor Richard Susskind OBE said at the International Law Book Facility’s 15th anniversary event, “By 2030, all of our lives will have been changed by technologies that haven’t been invented yet”.

Technology applied to the law presents a huge opportunity for access to justice: not simply to facilitate the work of lawyers who have ever more complex matters to work on, but importantly, to open up access to justice for non-lawyers, and give them the opportunity to understand their rights and enforce them. Professor Susskind posed this exact question at the ILBF’s event: “Do you want to compete with these emerging systems or do you want to build them”?

Join us on 19th January to hear from legal tech experts on what is here now and what to expect in the future. We’ll be joined by Charles Brecque, Founder and CEO of Legislate, Chris O’Connor, Director of Solutions at LexisNexis UK and Frankie Garcia, Product Manager at Mind Foundry. The panel discussion will be chaired by Ellen Lake, Senior Associate at Clifford Chance, member of Clifford Chance's Tech Group, and a member of the ILBF’s Operating Committee.

If you are planning to enter the ILBF’s law undergraduate essay competition, the insights you will hear from our expert speakers will challenge and inspire.


Charles Brecque

Founder and CEO of Legislate

Legislate is a legal technology company helping the unlawyered create and manage lawyer-approved contracts with patented knowledge graph technology. Charles has a background in Business development and Machine Learning and has a degree in Engineering from the École de Centrale de Lyon.

Chris O’Connor

Director of Solutions at LexisNexis UK

Chris leads the UK product portfolio, creating workflow, productivity and technology solutions that help lawyers improve delivery while maintaining the quality of their work. Chris is also responsible for leading LexisNexis UK’s innovation lab, which experiments using new and established technology and engineering processes to develop the next generation of legal tech tools for lawyers.

Frankie Garcia

Product Manager at Mind Foundry

Mind Foundry works to create a future where AI and humans work together to solve the world’s most important problems. Frankie specialises in deploying AI in high impact situations where human-AI collaboration and ethics are imperative. Her focus includes continuous metalearning: looking into how machine learning models can become future proof by continuously updating, learning how to learn, and better adapting to new environments. Frankie’s background in social sciences, philosophy and user research shaped her passion for responsible AI, and desire to create human-centred machine learning.