Eagle Eye Reviewing

EagleEye automates the review of defined terms, inconsistent phrases, references and punctuation in legal agreements to ensure completeness, accuracy, consistency and lack of ambiguity.

Used by Partners, Fee Earners, Associates, Paralegals and Secretaries in transaction-driven practices, EagleEye improves efficiency and reduces the risk of human error during legal document drafting and review.

EagleEye provides automation to uncover:

  • Improperly Defined/Used Terms
  • Inconsistent Phrases
  • Incomplete Items
  • Editing Mistakes
  • Inconsistent References
  • Inconsistent Numbering


How Eagle Eye can benefit you


  • Highly intuitive, EagleEye accommodates the unique drafting styles of all users and provides the ability to control how a document is analysed.
  • Detects and identifies defined terms (including those that do not have surrounding paired characters) in all areas of a document (tables, definition lists, inline in paragraphs) or across multiple documents
  • Provides the ability to customize or add new search criteria and ignore items in subsequent documents
  • Focuses on how a term is used and/or defined, regardless of UK/US spelling
  • Provides multiple reporting and commenting capabilities


  • EagleEye is launched directly from Microsoft Word and does not require a network or internet connection. It is portable across all types of transactional or non-transactional documents.
  • Provides an intuitive user interface that integrates directly into the Microsoft Word ribbon
  •  Can be implemented without any formal training
  • Optimised for the legal markets in the United Kingdom, United States and Canada


  • For maximum performance, EagleEye was developed using Open XML, which enables the storage and rapid transportation of large quantities of data. EagleEye’s patent pending LiveLink technology indexes and automatically updates the results list whilst a document is edited.
  • Delivers results quickly—regardless of a document's size
  •  Actively refreshes results as changes are made in the original document so only one scan is required
  • Does not add bookmarks or tags to a document during a scan