World Intellectual Property Day – WIPIT-style

26 April was World Intellectual Property Day.

While most Londoners were experiencing transport rage at the TFL strikes, the WIPIT team were busy spreading IP love by promoting discussion of the role of intellectual property in encouraging innovation and creativity, through the medium of… baked goods.

IP sweeteners

IP sweeteners









As if we weren't sweet enough already, on the cake trolley doing the rounds at Lexis House we had:

  • Joshy’s (Jif) lemon drizzle cupcakes, which couldn't be passed up (let alone passed off)
  • Katherine’s Willy Wonka-inspired chocolate cupcakes with lemon sherbert rocks
  • shortbread in ‘I’s and ‘P’s (or ‘b’s or ‘d’s or sticks or hyphens, depending on how you look at them) made by friend of the WIPIT, Danielle McCormick from LexisAsk, and
  • every patent litigator’s favourite – Laura’s Apple and Black[b]erry cake.

Whatever it takes to bring IP to the masses.

Happy World Intellectual Property Day to you all!

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