Wearable Technologies

We have produced a free mini-mag on Wearable Technologies available for download here including articles on:

  • Wearable technology and the implications for privacy and data protection
  • Wearable technology in the workplace
  • Wearable medical technology
  • Technology in fashion
  • Crime fighting technology
  • Intellectual property in the fashion sector

On 4th November, Joshua Rozenberg chaired a Halsbury’s Law Exchange discussion of the impact on society and privacy of wearable technology at the Royal College of Physicians Museum. The ability of the law to manage the implications of technology from Google Glass to smart socks was discussed by:

  • Sally Annereau, Data Protection Analyst at Taylor Wessing LLP
  • Jessica Bland, Senior Researcher in Technology Futures at Nesta
  • Andrew Caldecott QC, Barrister at One Brick Court
  • James Castro Edwards, Senior Manager in the Cyber Security team at PricewaterhouseCoopers Legal LLP
  • Eduardo Ustaran, partner in the global Privacy and Information Management practice of Hogan Lovells

The conversation highlighted how wearable technology challenges traditional reliance on data subject consent.  In turn, this increases the importance of the concept of privacy by default and manufacturers conducting thorough privacy impact assessments. With the emergence of the Internet of Things and the data security issues raised in a world of many-to-many data connection points, this becomes even more significant.

While a potential future of an enforced recalibration of our current notions of privacy was raised, the commonly held view that younger generations value privacy less was challenged and the fascinating concept of technology-based countermeasures battling to maintain individuals' privacy in the face of technology-based intrusions was mooted.

If the calibre of discussions and divergence of viewpoints at the event (and also evident in the articles in the mini-mag) are anything to go by, this emerging area will remain one to watch for some time to come.

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