Timeline: tracking the EU data protection reform beast

Timeline: tracking the EU data protection reform beast

Rather a lot has happened since the European Commission released its proposal for EU data protection reform on 25 January 2012…

Well in excess of 3000 amendments have been made to the original text, the EU presidency has changed 5 times, UK Prime Minister David Cameron and US President Obama took the world’s most famous selfie and there has been the small matter of a mass surveillance scandal.

As those practising in or interested in this area will know, the pace of change is rapid and relentless.

The team behind the WIPIT, Lexis®PSL IP & IT, has lovingly constructed a colossal 26-page EU data protection regulation timeline charting the evolution of the proposed reforms to the EU data protection regime.

The timeline covers key developments from:

  • European Parliament
  • Council of the European Union
  • LIBE Committee
  • UK Information Commissioner’s Office
  • Article 29 Working Party
  • European Commission
  • other sources, such as the EDPS and ENISA,

and links through to key documents.

There is also coverage of related developments that are relevant in this context, such as the events relating to the NSA’s mass surveillance of EU citizens.

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Lexis®PSL IP & IT  customers can also look forward to a regularly updated interactive version of the timeline appearing in Lexis®PSL IP & IT soon, alongside our other top notch practical guidance and legal updates on data protection and privacy.

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