Have your say on the procedural rules for the Unified Patent Court

A consultation on rules of procedure for the Unified Patent Court has now opened and will be running until 1 October 2013.

What is happening?

With some mystery previously surrounding the formation of the instruments required to set up the unitary patent and the unified patent court systems, there is now the opportunity for patent litigators and their clients who have not previously had the chance, to feed in to how the rules will look.

The consultation opened on 25 June 2013, and runs until 1 October 2013. Doubtless there will be a flood of responses. Take this one opportunity to comment if you have views on issues such as bifurcation, fees, costs, and opting out/in.

To take part, comments must be written, from an identifiable source, and submitted to the e-mail address shown on this site.

The 15th draft of the rules which is the subject of the consultation is available here (note: PDF download).

This article has been adapted from a News Analysis piece written by Laura Thompson, solicitor, which was originally published in Lexis®PSL IP & IT on 27 June 2013.

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