Copyright Hub launches phase 1 consultation pilot

Copyright Hub launches phase 1 consultation pilot

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How did we get to the idea of a copyright hub?

There are some people who know quite a bit about the copyright hub but many who still look blank when the hub is mentioned. At the risk of boring the former – a quick summary:

The Government commissioned a review on intellectual property and growth (the Hargreaves Review).

From this review, Professor Hargreaves recommended, among other things,  the creation of a cross sectoral digital copyright exchange (DCE).

The Government then appointed Richard Hooper CBE in November 2011 to lead an independent review. There were two phases to the review, a diagnostic phase and a solutions phase.

A government report: IPO, Copyright Works: Streamlining Copyright for the Digital Age, was published in July 2012  written by Richard Hooper and Dr Ros Lynch.  This report recommended the creation of a UK-based Copyright Hub.

This hub, based in the UK, was intended to link (according to the Streamlining Copyright for the Digital Age report) ‘interoperably and scalably to the growing national and international network of private and public sector digital copyright exchanges, rights registries and other copyright-related databases, using agreed cross-sectoral and cross-border data building blocks and standards, based on voluntary, opt-in, non-exclusive and pro-competitive principles.

The Copyright Hub will serve in the UK and beyond a wide range of copyright licensors (rights holders, creators and rights owners in both commercial and cultural worlds) on the supply side and a wide range of copyright licensees/users on the demand side’.

How is the copyright hub taking shape?

The Streamlining Copyright for the Digital Age report recommended a steering group be established to drive the Copyright Hub forward. The Copyright Hub Launch Group (CHLG) was established with the task of overseeing the design, funding and the governance of the Copyright Hub and its IT strategy and implementation. The formation of an overall steering group was also recommended and the Copyright Licensing Steering Group (CLSG), covers this role.

On 8 July 2013, the Copyright Hub launched a consultation pilot. You can find it and follow progress at  The copyright hub currently describes itself on its website as ‘a web portal connected to a network of organisations from the audio-visual, publishing, music and images sectors of the creative industries (which includes DCEs th

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