Small Business Commissioner role included in Enterprise Bill

The government has confirmed that the role of the Small Business Commissioner will be introduced as part of the Enterprise Bill following consultation on the issue. The Commissioner will provide access to advice, support, mediation and conciliation services, as well as investigating and reporting on complaints.


The main role of the Small Business Commissioner will be to help put large and small businesses on an equal-footing in relation to bargaining.   The government's consultation ran from 26 July 2015 to 21 August 2015 and there were 97 responses.

Enterprise Bill

On 16 September 2015, the Enterprise Bill was introduced to the House of Lords. It was published by Parliament on 17 September 2015. The government has released a series of fact sheets in relation to the measures being included in the Bill.

Role of the Commissioner

The Small Business Commissioner is intended to help small businesses resolve disputes and avoid future disputes arising. They will publish general advice and information on aspects of the business relationships that exist between large and small businesses. In addition, the Commissioner will guide small businesses towards existing services capable of assisting them. These will include independent advice services, sector regulators, ombudsmen and approved alternative dispute resolution providers.

The Commissioner will also have a complaints-handling function that small businesses can access. This will allow the Commissioner to consider complaints about payment issues made by small business suppliers in relation to larger businesses they supply.

Source: Consultation: Enterprise Bill—Small Business Commissioner—Government response

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