Reforming the law of security

Reforming the law of security

There have been several reports in the UK recommending reform of the law of secured transactions, most recently in 2005. The Secured Transactions Law Reform Project (STLRP) is looking at the need and shape of future reform, with the working groups of the project examining the areas of registration, priorities, insolvency and financial collateral.

Given that issues relating to security are often key drivers and considerations in corporate insolvency matters (and personal insolvency, to a far lesser extent), the reforms recommended by the STLRP—and in particular any which are then enacted—will be of interest to insolvency professionals.

Our Banking and Finance colleagues have blogged some analysis, prepared by Louise Gullifer, barrister, professor of commercial law at the University of Oxford, and executive director of the Executive Committee of the STLRP, which can be accessed by clicking here.

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