On the Edge - immigration law for insolvency practitioners

Welcome to your first edition of ‘On the edge’, a series of guides prepared by the LexisPSL Restructuring and Insolvency team highlighting a selection of less familiar areas of legislation that may not fall within the everyday work of insolvency practitioners.

Being aware of these areas, and being able to spot potential problems before they arise can help avoid unexpected expenses or, at worst, personal liability attaching to the insolvency practitioner.

The guides will be published over the upcoming weeks, with expert opinion on a variety of areas such as intellectual property, environmental law and health and safety.

The first in the series will offer guidance on immigration law. Pat Saini and Séamas Gray, partners at Penningtons Manches LLP, comment on the key areas insolvency practitioners need to be aware of, the steps that can be taken to protect against liability and the main laws governing this area.

Click here to download your free copy of the guide: On the Edge - immigration law for insolvency practitioners

 *Update next guide in the series now available: On the Edge - intellectual property law for insolvency practitioners*

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