ICAEW to offer particular licenses to insolvency practitioners

The ICAEW has announced it is to offer partial licences for insolvency practitioners. The decision follows changes to insolvency licensing regime. The ICAEW said it will begin accepting applications for partial licences on 1 July 2016. The decision follows that of the Insolvency Practitioners Association in April 2016.
Commenting on the decision, the ICAEW regional director Bob Pinder allowing people to apply for partial licenses will ease the regulatory burden on insolvency firms. ‘Through the introduction of partial licenses, those who wish to specialise in personal or corporate insolvency will be able to share those benefits. Insolvency firms who choose ICAEW as their single insolvency regulator will, therefore, ease the regulatory burden by dealing with only one regulatory professional body’ he said.Although the ICAEW will begin accepting applicants on 1 July 2016, interested parties can register their interest in advance of that date by contacting Teresa Doody at the ICAEWFurther details can be found on the insolvency page of the ICAEW site.

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