Draft Different: 66% of lawyers feel they are under too much time pressure

Draft Different: 66% of lawyers feel they are under too much time pressure


Have you written, reviewed or proofread a Sale Agreement, Confidentiality Agreement or Restructuring Agreement today? Did you have the time and resource  to ensure that you were confident it was error free?

If the honest answer was no, you're not alone. We surveyed 180 lawyers on their proofreading habits and despite 90% of lawyers spending time creating and reviewing documents daily, 66% felt they are under too much time pressure to proofread properly, and 33% admitted to having skipped proofreading tasks when creating or reviewing legal documents.

Rather alarmingly this is leading to a position where, in our tests, we found that 90% of legal documents checked with LexisDraft contained errors, even on those documents that lawyers were confident they had checked.

This is creating risk for firm and client, reducing work capacity and revenue, and driving down client value. Worse, people across fee earning and business services are aware of this failure, but many are either at a loss how to fix it, or even if  it can be fixed.

The research, mainly around business services leaders’ attitudes to more efficient and risk-managed document drafting, has uncovered a number of key themes that show why and how law firms are failing their clients around drafting: a reluctance to and fear of change, a lack of understanding and knowledge of the tools available to support proofreading improvements, and a lack of clarity around who should drive improvements.

Read the full report [PDF] or find out more at draftdifferent.co.uk

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