Annotated Guide to the New Insolvency Rules - published in Lexis Library today

Annotated Guide to the New Insolvency Rules - published in Lexis Library today

Hot off the press: Annotated Guide to the New Insolvency Rules available in Lexis Library today

The Annotated Guide to the New Insolvency Rules is a comparative table which aims to provide you with the full details of the differences between the Insolvency Rules 1986 and the Insolvency (England and Wales) Rules 2016.

The new online only content consists of a detailed comparison guide between the old rules and the new rules with expert commentary, so you can easily navigate the changes.

An essential work for anyone practicing in insolvency who routinely uses the Insolvency Rules.

About the Authors:

Susan Morgan - Director, Enigma Resource Group

Susan has specialised in all types of insolvency cases. She has worked in private practice, regulatory and government sectors with experience in investigation, risk and compliance. Her work has included providing advice to government departments, advising non-UK governments on insolvency matters and serving as a visiting fellow in insolvency at Kingston University.

Dr John Tribe - Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Liverpool & Academic Associate, Exchange Chambers

John is a leading researcher on personal insolvency law and bankruptcy history in the United Kingdom. He has published widely on personal insolvency and bankruptcy history. John is joint editor, with John Briggs of 3/4 South Square, of Muir Hunter on Personal Insolvency.

To access this guide, existing Lexis Library customers can find it by going to Lexis Library.  New customers can click on the same link to request a free trial of Lexis Library.

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New material in Lexis Library:

Insolvency Legislation: Annotations and Commentary - Doyle & Keay

In preparation for the Insolvency Rules 2016, LexisNexis and Jordan Publishing are proud to announce the new edition of Insolvency Legislation: Annotations and Commentary which has been thoroughly updated to take into account the relevant case-law and statutory developments including a destination table for the new Rules (as above).
Edited and updated by Louis Doyle, barrister at Kings Chambers and Professor Andrew Keay of University of Leeds. With annotations and commentary on EC materials by Gerard McCormack, University of Leeds; contributions to annotations and commentary from Stefan Ramel, Simon Passfield and Holly Doyle of Guildhall Chambers, Joseph Curl, of 9 Stone Buildings, and Destination Table for Insolvency Rules 2016 prepared by Susan Morgan, Director, Enigma Resource Group. Consultant Editor: Registrar Nicholas Briggs.

This commentary will be republished in May 2017.  To view more details go to: Insolvency Legislation - Annotations and Commentary Sixth edition

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